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About the Coptic way magazine

The Coptic Way Magazine is the children's Sunday school magazine at St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral and Church in Toronto, Ontario, and it is also distributed to many other churches across Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to the Lord, The Coptic Way is in its 21st year of production. Starting as a one-person production in 1998, the magazine has now grown to involve dozens of writers and editors, and hundreds of readers.

The Coptic Way Magazine is blessed to have many churches actively participating in the magazine. We are blessed to have the following churches on our team:

God-willing, our magazine will spread to even more churches soon!

This magazine has given the Sunday school children something to look forward to every month, and has helped to foster a sense of friendly competition among the kids as they fill out the activities and contests.

Through this magazine our children have learned the importance of faith and personal responsibility.